The Red Balloon Gallery is open for business


The Red Balloon Gallery was founded in 2017 out of a passion to make art accessible to everyone and to help promote new and aspiring artists.

African Wildlife Print - Pride and joy 5 - 2 - Red Balloon Gallery

It would be amazing to own an original work by a well known artist but the reality is that not everyone can justify that sort of investment and we don’t think that should mean that they miss out. Whilst we offer original works and Limited Editions, we specialise in affordable open edition works. These are produced to the same high standards as Limited Editions but usually come in smaller sizes and don’t benefit from the artists signature or certificate of authenticity. But they still look amazing which is the most important thing.

Although our works are more affordable, they are still far detached from the mass produced images you see on the high street. We hand select artists and collections ensuring we provide an eclectic mix of styles and subject matters. We are always on the lookout for something a little bit different and just hope that you love it as much as we do.

Star Wars Inspired Print That Friday Feeling - image 2 - Red Balloon Gallery

Another key aims is to give new and aspiring artists an outlet to showcase their artistic expression to the world. It can be difficult starting out in any field and we hope that the Red Balloon Gallery might give some of these artists the recognition they deserve. They might not be a household name now yet but there is every chance that you might end up owning a piece by one of the next great masters.

We have a varied range including everything from traditional landscapes to more abstract pieces which you can stare at for hours and still see new things.  There truly is something to suit everyones tastes so please have a look around and pic the perfect piece to decorate your home.